Request for Proposal (RFP) May 2018

FOR: Banquet and Catering. Deli, and a Restaurant located at the Prairie Wind Casino 35 miles north of Pine Ridge, South Dakota on highway 18.

BY:   Prairie Wind Casino & Hotel, Oglala Sioux Tribe, Pine Ridge South Dakota 57770

DEADLINE:   4:00 p.m. Mountain Time, July 1, 2018

CONTACT:    Travis Barden
                        Purchasing Agent



             The Prairie Wind Casino and Hotel is searching for a qualified private restaurant owner, restaurant firm, or restaurant franchise to manage the existing bingo meals, banquet and catering, deli and the restaurant space and staff.   We are looking for a restaurateur that has successfully operated and managed a banquet and catering, deli, and restaurant. Preferred experience in a casino and a hotel setting. In the year 2017 we had 311,000 customers visit our property.  The size of our properties: Bingo dome is 14,700 square feet, convention center is 9,240 square feet, restaurant is 3,390 square feet, and the deli is 1,325 square feet.


The Prairie Wind Casino and Hotel will provide the banquet and catering, bingo, deli, and restaurant space.  All equipment and supplies will provided.  The point of sale equipment will be provided.  The existing food and beverage inventory will be provided as startup. No rental fees will be charged.  Security is provided. Equipment will be maintained free of charge. Marketing will be provided free of charge.


Each respondent must provide, at a minimum, the following information:

1. Name, address, email address, telephone number and fax number of the respondent;

2. Name, address, email address, phone number and fax number of representative that is authorized to act on behalf of and represents respondent;

3. Name, address, email  address, phone number and fax number of a designated contact person for all notices and communications regarding the submitted proposal;

4. Statement signed by the respondent(s) or authorized representative certifying that: a. All of the information contained in the proposal is true and correct; b. Respondent agrees to all terms and conditions, reservations and stipulations contained in this RFP document, including but not limited to those specified; and c. Signator is authorized to make the commitments and representations contained in the proposal on behalf of the respondent.

5. Identify the owner and operating team and describe team members’ qualifications and experience, with particular attention to the experience and qualifications related to the proponent’s proposal.  Also include their name and contact information.

6. Provide a resume of successful operations similar to what you are proposing along with any other information deemed relevant to how your proposal addressed this criterion;

7. Provide a description of the proposed ownership and management/marketing structure for the proposed operation.  Include information on any significant restaurant projects completed in the past ten (10) years involving such ownership and management/marketing;

8. Provide at least three references, including name, address, email address, phone number, fax number, contact person and description of relationship with proposed business;

9. Provide current financial statements for entities and individuals comprising the proposed ownership entity (including members, if LLC, and general partners, if partnership).

10. Provide a narrative summary describing why respondent is qualified to undertake the proposed operation;

11. Provide a narrative description of the proposed operation;

12. Provide a business plan and project budget including individual line items for each major expense.  The business plan should include an operating budget, market analysis and projections, management structure, and if needed, proposed financing arrangements.  The budget should also include a three (3) year income and expense projection.  This projection should also identify sources of working capital to cover initial operating deficits and start-up costs and any new equipment the respondent believes is needed.  The business plan should address daily operations, planning, special events, promoting, reporting and operations to achieve the greatest benefits and enhance the overall experience for the community and surrounding area.  The business plan should also include description of the types of workers expected to be involved in the facility’s operation and the number of each type of worker proposed to be involved;

13.  Provide a detailed operating proforma for the first year, including all anticipated income and expenses for the completed project.  Also, provide a statement of sources and uses of funds for financing the project;

14. Note:  Prairie Wind Casino and Hotel does not provide financing for this project. Provide a copy of any financial commitment letters from lenders and/or equity partners or contributors.  If respondent identifies any funds other than respondent’s own funds as sources  in any materials presented in response to the requirements specified, commitment letters from all such other sources are required as part of this RFP;

15. Provide a narrative description of how the project will be managed and by whom once completed, including marketing, leasing, and/or sales. Also include the responsible parties’ experience and qualifications for the work;

16. Provide a narrative description and timetable outlining milestones for all proposed development activities, including a definitive schedule for opening the facility and a date certain when the facility will be open for business;

17. Provide a narrative describing the proposed marketing, promotion and advertising plans for the development as applicable. The party must work with the casino marketing department monthly on these proposed marketing, promotions, and advertising plans prior to implementation.

18. The respondent must comply with all customer service requirements and with the overall vision of the Prairie Wind Casino and Hotel.


Please email your proposals to the following email address: